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FRIDAY FACES: Connor Wilson
  • Connor Wilson

Nexus Lacrosse is proud to be a contributor to, and today we’re excited to chat with Connor Wilson – a founder and publisher on the site. Serving an audience of over 400,000 passionate lacrosse players, coaches, parents and fans, functions as a news outlet, a publishing platform, and a social networking hub for the worldwide lacrosse community.


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Connor Wilson

Friday Faces – February 7, 2014

Name: Connor Wilson

Hometown: Weston, MA

High School: Weston HS (MA)

College: Wesleyan University

Accomplishments: 2x Honorable Mention All-DCL honors in HS / 4-year letter winner and co-captain at Wesleyan

Current Position: Founder and publisher at, coach at Eagle Academy in Brooklyn, NY


1) Describe your youth lacrosse experience and what impact it had on your HS and college careers.

My experience as a youth player was all about new programs and new players. I grew up in Weston, MA and when we moved to the town there was no lacrosse program for boys. A group of dedicated fathers and volunteers, led by Matt Dwyer, decided to do something about it and they started a summer lacrosse program. We then combined forces with our high school rival, Wayland, to play in a youth league the next year, as we were both relatively small towns.


We didn’t have a high school team when I reached that age level, so we started one. I chose to stay at Weston to start something, instead of run to an existing program at a private school. I had seen it done at the youth level, and wanted to lead the way to get a HS team going. Being a part of a new youth team also made it easy to go to a school like Wesleyan, which wasn’t a winner when I arrived on campus. Over my years there we built a winner, and it was an equally important experience for me.


Youth lacrosse shaped my lacrosse future. It was all built on growing the game, and it still is.


2) What’s your most exciting/vivid/notable memory of youth lacrosse?

Playing the game! I just remember playing and having fun. I don’t remember our records, or how many goals I saved. I just remember playing the game and having a blast.


3) What’s your favorite lacrosse memory (of any kind)?

My favorite lacrosse memory came last year with the high school team I was coaching. It was our first year, and we won more games than we lost while placing a higher standard and expectation on academic success. It was a great season, and the kids on the team are a daily inspiration.


4) What individual pieces of advice would you give to both novice and experienced youth players?

My advice to ALL youth players is the same. Have fun, play the game a LOT, and make others around you better. Drag friends out to shoot and do one-on-ones. Talk about lacrosse, watch lacrosse, and become a wizard with your stick. Do all that and you’ll turn out just fine!


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